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/LD-PB95 Fence arm access control automatic car parking barrier

LD-PB95 Fence arm access control automatic car parking barrier

Fence boom parking barrier is basically a vehicle access control device installed in each community, which is like a gatekeeper in the community.
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Fence arm parking barrier is a variation of the straight arm vehicle barrier. The barrier is changed from a straight bar to a retractable fencing arm. The expanded fencing arm can also block the area below to prevent people from crossing at will. It is mainly applicable at the entrance of the residential community, and work unit, various public places such as parking lots, toll stations, railway crossings, etc.

 fencing boom car parking barrier

There are many control forms for fence bar vehicle barrier. Manual control, button control, remote control, computer control and induction control can be selected according to different conditions. It is durable, non-fading and it also has characteristics of low noise, and safe operation.

Principal Parameters:

Rated voltage

220V, 50HZ/110V, 60HZ

Rated power


Ambient temperature


Remote control distance


Lift and fall speed

6 seconds, 3 seconds, 1.2 seconds

Boom length

within 4.5 meters (two fences), within 4 meters (three fences)

Boom type

two fences, three fences

Product performance:

1. The cabinet of fencing boom parking barrier is made of imported plastic powder spray, which is anti-ultraviolet. 

2. The use of an integrated movement (worm gear) greatly reduces the number of internal parts and minimizes the mechanical failure of the gate operation. Reasonable structure adopts crank connecting rod mechanism transmission, low noise, maintenance-free, and oil-free.

3. The gearbox is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, die-casting, solid box body, moulded manufacturing process, precise and firm.

4. The motor with temperature protection will automatically stop when the temperature is too high. The machine will never be burned, so that users can be more at ease.

5. There is a manual crank, which can be operated manually in case of power failure. 6. Double limit protection design. The mechanical limit and electronic limit structure make the product operation safer.

6. The barriers are made of high-strength aluminum alloy tubes

7. With highly integrated electrical control circuit, multiple control methods such as electric buttons and wireless remote control can be realized. Also it has a variety of interfaces such as detectors and infrared.

9. High-sensitivity magnetic limit control system. Low voltage DC control, safe and reliable, accurate limit.

Show Case:

fence arm vehicle barrier

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