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/LD-Q805 High Security Full Height Turnstile For Stadium

LD-Q805 High Security Full Height Turnstile For Stadium

Bi- direction full height turnstile gate is one of the high security access control entrance gate for high risk facilities. It is stainless steel material, anti-rust, capable of outdoor applications. Floor to ceiling design makes it highest security level among all turnstile gate. Lide is professional full height turnstile manufacturer, which produces single passage & double lane full height turnstiles

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LD-Q805 High security access full height turnstile is a single passage full height turnstile. Comes from half height turnstile and developed from revolving door, floor to ceiling height improves security level. Different from revolving door, the barrier of full height turnstile is strong stainless steel bars, not breakable glass. Therefore it is widely used high security occasions such as stadium, prison, train station..and realize unattended access control.


The full-height turnstile is composed of a rotating railing (obstacle) divided into 120° three bars  or a 90° cross railing. Passage width can be 550mm-600mm, it only allows one entrant at one time. It can efficiently, safely and automatically carry out entrance and exit control.


Full height turnstile can be integrated with various access control devices, such as: ID card, IC card, bar-code card, fingerprint machine, palm recognition device, face recognition and others .


Advantages of full height turnstile for stadium and scenic spots.

1. Good confidentiality to prevent fake tickets. The full-height turnstiles used in stadium & scenic spots adopt encrypted bar-code tickets or IC card tickets, which are automatically identified by the ticket inspection system to prevent fake and invalid tickets;


2. Fully electronic charging management. The full-height transfer gates used can make the number of ticket sellers and the amount of tickets in the ticket gate can be reflected in the computer of the ticket management center in real time, and various required reports can be printed out at any time, according to the report data.Timely grasp the operating status and discover the existing problems in time, so as to improve the work and strengthen the management


3.  Full-height turnstile ticket inspection processing technology speeds up the ticket inspection and management of electronic tickets, and effectively ensures the real-time requirements for tourist passage.

Basic information about LD-Q805:

Model No.



1500*1400*2300mm length*width* height)


304 stainless steel,  38mm diameter tube, 1.2/1.5mm thickness

Unlocking time


Traffic speed

30 persons/min

Channel width


Input voltage

220V, 50HZ

Drive voltage


Ambient temperature

: -15~+55



Opening signal input

dry contact

Opening method

push button, face recognition, RFID card reader, finger print


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