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/LD-Q806 Dual-Lane Full Height Rotary Turnstile Gate

LD-Q806 Dual-Lane Full Height Rotary Turnstile Gate

The dual lane full height turnstile is normally called the double turnstile. It is benefits with space-efficient and cost saving compared to two single turnstiles installed side by side.
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LD-Q806 Dual-Lane Full Height Rotary Turnstile Gate

Full Height Turnstile is suitable for construction which need the high-level security controls. It could prevent unauthorized access from the entrance outdoor. Full Height Turnstiles Gate is the first line of guard for your property.

Dual-lane Turnstile model is designed for high volume of pedestrian flow, especially the manufacturing base and factories. The frame of gate is made of 304 stainless steel , that is the standard material. If there is close to the sea or has special requirement, it could be upgraded with 316 stainless steel.


Model No.



2200*1350*2300 mm (L*W*H)


304 stainless steel

Channel width


Thickness of the outer box

2.0 mm

Input voltage

AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Traffic direction

Single or bi-direction

Passing speed

25~30 persons/minute


5 million times;


*Three wings rotor rotates 120 degrees and four wings version rotates 90 degrees.

*Device could be set to remains locked or unlocked during power failure mode.

* It is easy to configure as single or bi-directional passage for each lane.

* The LED lights in the ceiling are provided for easy understanding of the traffic direction.

* Rotary turnstile has special device to prevent the users walk back once the rotor moves 30 degrees from original position.

* Electromagnetic drive mechanism ensures smooth and quiet operation.

* Allows to paired with external access control hardware, such as RFID card reader, fingerprint access controller as well as face recognition reader.

*Application for high-traffic sensitive locations, such as airport, power plants, military base, factory, etc.

Full height turnstile

Full height rotary turnstile

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